The Silverstorm

From Kar's Journal - Day Unknown

It’s been so long since I’ve actually written in this. But things are also so much clearer.

We’ve settled the keep that the antlermen were holding. We’re calling it Deliverance – I don’t know what from. Martin has assumed the role as leader of the settlement, but he still defers to us to make all decisions. How we’re supposed to run a town and find the Godfist is up to me. Still, I wonder if the Godfist is the real reason we’re here. Maybe someday we’ll be told.

The deja-vu has started becoming out of sync – even more than usual. Sometimes it’s like I see an entire battle before it starts. Most times, though, I can’t see enough of what happens to make it of any use. I’ll keep trying to hone the ability.

Finally, I feel our group is splintering. We don’t serve a single purpose, at least not in our hearts. My own heart doesn’t know what it wants to do to begin with. But I think if I can find a path to follow, I may be able to get the others to follow as well. Now just to figure out where to go.



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